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Murcian Society of Anthropology

   The Murcian Society of Anthropology (SOMA) is a non-profit association  dedicated to anthropological research and the social transfer of its results. It was founded in 2015 at the initiative of a group of anthropologists and historians from the Region of Murcia.  

   The aims of SOMA are: To promote research and scientific dissemination in the field of social and cultural Anthropology, in accordance with the European tradition, as a discipline that studies social life and cultural patterns in societies.  Promote the presence and visibility of Social and Cultural Anthropology through scientific study and dissemination activities. Collaborate with national and international institutions and associations that have similar purposes. Any other activity  that contributes to the dissemination of anthropological knowledge in society.









  • President : Pedro Martínez Cavero (University of Murcia)

  • Vice President : Juan F. Jordán Montés (SOMA)

  • Secretary : José Antonio Molina Gómez (Univ. Of Murcia)

  • Treasurer : Domingo Beltrán Corbalán (Univ. Of Murcia)

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Congreso de la SIEF, Santiago de Compost

SIEF Congress, 2019

Santiago de Compostela

Cubierta RMA26
Revista Murciana de Antropología 22
Revista Murciana de Antropología 23
Revista Murciana de Antropología 24
Revista Murciana de Antropología 25
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