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Debate on Social Anthropology

​​ Present and future of social Anthropology: The relationship with neighboring disciplines and the UNESCO Codes


   The need for reflection on the role of Anthropology in the academic context becomes clear when the so-called UNESCO Code is reviewed, a classification of academic disciplines frequently used in Spanish institutions linked to the scientific world. In the case of Anthropology, the description of the fields of work is in itself limited, because it only reflects a part of the fields that the discipline encompasses and leaves others out of consideration. In addition, it must be added that the characterization is outdated, since since its presentation some 30 years ago there have been profound changes in the discipline.

   The project that SOMA has started aims to promote debate on the role of social anthropology in the academic field and on the role that the discipline can play in society.  

   Murciana Anthropology Magazine has dedicated number 25 (2018) to this  thematic.

   The debate has been presented at the SIEF Congress (Santiago de Compostela, April 2019).


The subdisciplines of Social Anthropology according to the latest edition of the UNESCO Codes (1989)

Cubierta RMA25.png
Congreso de la SIEF, Santiago de Compost

SIEF Congress, 2019

Santiago de Compostela

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