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Funeral Cultures

The Cemetery Our Father Jesus

and its cultural heritage


   The project "The Our Father Jesus Cemetery and its Cultural Heritage" aims to promote the heritage, cultural and historical aspects of the Murcian cemetery. In 2015 we produced the first publication entitled The cemetery as a cultural asset . It reflects the Spanish funeral culture and, in particular, the history of the Our Father Jesus Cemetery. The collaboration with the Murcia City Council resulted in the signing of a three-year agreement (2017-2019) that  pick up  Among other objectives, the annual preparation of a Visiting Guide, the training of tourist guides, the offer of guided tours, the holding of a research congress, held in 2018, and the edition of a thematic issue of the Murcian Journal of Anthropology  (2019).


   Published guides:
- Writers and artists (2016)
- Elites of the 19th century (2017)

- Murcian women in memory (2018)

- Protagonists of progress (2019)  (See online guides)

   The project is developed in cooperation with the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Murcia  and within the framework of the GIDAI Teaching Innovation Project, with the Learning Research methodology, which we apply in the Anthropology of European Societies subject. It is the students of this subject who, under our direction, write the texts of the guides and, in this way, see a real product of their efforts.

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